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18u Braves Sweep TCS

05/26/2015, 7:45am EDT
By Coach Merkling

The 18u teams swept the field Memorial Day weekend. They outscored the competition 31 - 6 in their 5 games !!

Andrew "The Rook" Keene was the MVP of the event

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Goal Setting and Balance

12/29/2013, 10:45am EST
By Coach Merkling

Time Management for Today's Student/Athlete

As we roll into this time of year, I get besieged by questions from parents about their son's upcoming HS season. For some it's a concern that their son may not make the JV baseball team, for others it learning to deal with the apparently corrupt system their schools seem to run and for others it can be a concern about playing time in HS.

The best way to handle this is to use New Years Resolutions get involved .... Set baseball goals for your son !! If you truly want to be a student athlete, this exercise should be mandatory. Use New Years Day as an opportunity to sit with your son do this.

In setting goals, I have the following advice. Use the SMART System

S = Specific - Write down a specific description of your goal
M = Measurable - Write down a number that can be tied to the goal
A = Attainable - Do not set goals that are not reasonable for your son
R = Recorded - Write it down, just like their Baseball Journals they are working on
T = Timetable - Set a definitive time

Here's an a couple of examples

  • Goal - Raise my cumulative GPA 0.1 points
    • In order to raise my GPA 0.1 points this semester I need to get a 3.5 GPA on my core classes this semester. I need to get an As in Chemistry and English and Bs in Math and History
  • Goal - Be one of the 10 Freshman selected to play baseball at my school
    • Actions - Attend every opportunity you get to increase skills, take 1,000 swings a week, do 60 minutes of flat ground work weekly, attend speed and agility training.

Now that you have good general goals, you need to attack them weekly

  1. Sit down with your son and write down a weekly schedule - Include all mandatory events (school hours, scheduled practices, doctor visits and the like
  2. Next add time for homework, projects and the like
  3. Optional Activities - Here's where it gets hard, add in extra events like time to take additional baseball work, time with friends, video games, recruiting work and free time. Make sure your son understands that this is an aid for him, not a burden.
  4. Discuss with your son weekly, so he understands the rigors of being a student/athlete means decreased free time and activities not less effort in schoolwork.
  5. Parents and sons sign the weekly schedule and post it in the home

See if you all can adhere to the first weekly schedule, if it unrealistic (like your son has to cram Sunday nite for a tests), adjust the schedule the next week.

Once you complete a timeline for a goal set another and roll it into it.

Through all of this, your son needs to recognize that his desire to be a student athlete means he needs to commit to the process. He needs to understand he's a unique individual and nobody will a schedule like his.

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